Today we release the new and final gameplay trailer for The Revolt: Awakening you can check it out on the store page or by this link below ! The release date of the game is near we finalize one last level and some bug fixes and we're good !

Link: Rise of the Revolt

This week end of May 19,2018 we launch the final public alpha demo of The Revolt: Awakening, this will be the Alpha Test 3, players will be able to test the begin of the game and maybe find the last bugs (we hope so), get feedback on the difficulty, new level, loot system, UI, etc ...

Good game to our testers!

After several patch & bugs fixed The Revolt: Awakening is close to quit the Alpha stage, and being able to be played on public session. During the last months we've made some improvements on performance and UI optimization. We added new playable area, new quests, new missions and feature for the player like:

  • Sequencer dna: upgrade physical competencies your character
  • Forge: upgrade your weapons
  • Laboratory: add mods & special ability to your weapons

The Revolt: Awakening 

Today is the day ! 

The Revolt: Awakening is officially announced on Steam, you can follow us ! Do not miss any of the next steam news, upcoming videos and more!

You find the game Here !

Important day for The Revolt: Awakening, we launch the Alpha Test 2 in which some players will be able to test the game and help us detect bugs, get feedback on the difficulty, level design etc ...

Good game to our testers!

New update for The Revolt: Awakening, the quest management system has been added to the game, now the player will have to interact with the npc to accept his missions. An open world is under construction and will allow the player to move "freely" in the city and to explore. The game is also available in two different languages (French, English)

  • Quest system
  • Open Map
  • Multi-language system
  • Some optimizations

Putting The Revolt page online, this page will aim to present the game in a brief description and give the useful links to have access to the game!

The addition of Xbox and Playstation gamepad support has been added to The Revolt: Awakening, the game is now fully playable on keyboard/mouse and with joysticks!

Update of The Revolt: Awakening, with the addition of music in the game and an architecture of levels and well established items:

  • More than 20 items available
  • driveable vehicle
  • in-game music management system
  • Upgrade of weapons
  • Added weapons mods

Big update for The Revolt: Awakening, improving the overall concept of the game and rebuilding the code with the addition of new features:

  • Physics in-game
  • Loot of weapons and equipment
  • Added complex inventory
  • New AI


Siberius Studio begins production of the licence The Revolt: Awakening, a 2D action platformer, in a dark urban universe ravaged by a civil war and dictatorship.

Starting date: September 17, 2016.