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John Murder & The Old Castle is a rogue-like, you play as a young explorer with the easy trigger, you explore an ancient and mysterious castle on top of a mountain. Legends tell it would be haunted by mysterious entities and mystical creatures.

Your ultimate goal is to find the treasures of the castle and become the explorer you've always dreamed of!

Rogue-like: each exploration is unique and randomly generated with different environments and filled with creatures and bosses.

Shot & drop: each weapon has only one load, fire and then throw your weapons on enemies for maximum damage.

Mutation: mystical items fill the castle, assimilating them will be at your peril, they could improve you as you transform unexpectedly...

PermaDeath: one life, you must reach the end of the castle without dying once or you will have to pay the death...


Siberius Studio begins production of the licence John Murder & The Old Castle, a rogue-like adventure, in strange old castle with mystical creatures and monsters.

Starting date: May 20, 2017.