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AstroWar, the war for the system Beta S'tar II started, connect your game to twitch and get your viewers involved. With or without you, their ships will have to face the forces of evil to save the system. AstroWar is a twitch game and aims to be used in addition to a stream!

Twitch: once the game is launched, the viewers can enter your team by the simple use of command in the chat. It's simple, fast and easy.

Shoot'em up: Destroy a multitude of enemies and bosses in an infinite horizontal level.

Ships: players can choose from several ships with different abilities and powers to adapt to the style of each.

Universe: you evolve in a unique and colorful universe, each stage of your adventure will evolve your universe until your goal.


We try AstroWar for the first time during the whole Saturday,with viewers on Some bugs have come to disrupt the good continuity of the stream but the atmosphere of the game and the concept works well.

Siberius Studio begins production of the licence AstroWar, a shootem'up twitch game, in space with neon graphic style.

Starting date: March 14, 2017.